Do You Know How To Treat ED with Non-prescription ?

Erectile dysfunction ( ED ) issues a great number of men all over the world . In the USA only , over 30 million men are afflicted by ED . Men over 60 are more likely to have ED , then again even men in their 20s may expertise ED .

The good news is , non-prescription ( OTC ) remedies can help with this problem .

Conventional Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

ED is usually a sign and not a condition by itself . If your medical professional can detect what is triggering your ED , it may be treated . Dealing with the cause should comfort the ED .

The most popular remedies for ED include things like :
oral medicines
injectable or suppository medicines
medical devices
penile implants surgical treatment
3 prescription drugs detailed are as authoritative :
sildenafil ( Viagra )
tadalafil ( Cialis )
vardenafil ( Levitra together with Staxyn )
Potential Over the counter Treatment options


Exist naturally in some soy items together with yams , dihydroepiandrosterone ( DHEA ) has proven safe together with good results in minimal doses . Notably , DHEA is furthermore familiar with deal with the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s illness and can be utilized to help develop muscular power . The National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) online site says DHEA is "possibly effective" for the treatment of ED .


L-arginine may deal with ED by enhancing blood circulation to the penis . Then again , it may also trigger mild cramping together with feeling sick .

Scientific studies that assistance the good results of L-arginine as an ED treatment method often mix L-arginine along with other common ED medicines such as yohimbine and glutamate . Because of this , the genuine usefulness of L-arginine as a remedy for ED


Minimal studies have been executed on ginseng’s capability to heal ED problems . However , the Mayo Clinic information that ginseng has proven a number of good results in man studies , showing up “generally safe” as soon as utilized in the temporarily .

Alternative Treatments

Together with prescription drugs , conventional treatment options, and lifestyle improvements , alternative treatments give some beneficial and advantageous choices for men with ED . Then again , it’s essential that you seek to advise from your doctor before you begin any kind of alternative treatment options .

A number of Non-prescription treatments for ED might be successful , but the FDA warns which they might not be safe . A number of health supplements sold on the internet consist of substances not listed on the tag and these types of substances could be harmful to a few people who consume them .

Speak with a medical professional before attempting an Over the counter remedy for ED , and often be sure that an herbal and natural or dietary supplement has been accepted or at least certified by a trustworthy company like the FDA or NIH . A number of treatment methods can help resolve ED problems , but without study or health care meeting , you may not discover an effective treatment for ED difficulties .


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