Best Erectile dysfunction treatment options

There are a number of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment methods available – but what one is the best for you? We have made a summary of some of the most effective options to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Most effective methods to treat erectile dysfunction :

#1 Erectile dysfunction pills

This really is the most popular preference to treat erectile dysfunction – you will find actually millions of men who take erectile dysfunction pills every day!



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The success rate is very high but it really does not work for all men – it is defiantly considered one of the most effective methods to erectile dysfunction on the market today.

Just how do I use it?

There are actually 2 ED pill groups so they work in a differing way :

The very first category is the pills which you take 30 min. before sex also it will get you an erection. ( temporary answer )

The 2nd category is the pills you take each day you can get an erection when you would like it, it really does, however, take the time before the complete result of the pills take action . ( long-term answer )

Erectile dysfunction pills Pros and Cons

Advantages :

Very High success rate
It’s extremely fast
Long-lasting erections

Disadvantages :

It’s a bit more expensive
Is unable to correct penis curvature
Some men experience unwanted side effects

#2 Penis pumps

Penis pumps are the 2nd treatment method option on my listing because it’s the only choice it does not involve using whatever your body may counter. Penis pumps do also provide the highest possible success rate of every option – that’s why the American government is investing the huge amount of money on penis pumps to males with erectile dysfunction.

Just how can I use a penis pump?

Using a penis pump is extremely simple, all you have to to do is :

Put in on your penis
Pump out water/air to make a vacuum
Wait around 5 min . and also enjoy the hard erection

Penis pumps for erectile dysfunction Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages :

High success rate
Corrects penis curvature
It’s quick – It will take around 5 min . to obtain a powerful erection.
Long-lasting erections – Simply repump if your erections get soft.
There are actually no side effects.

Disadvantages :

It’s a little expensive
It can be a turn off to use the pump before sexual activity

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Erectile dysfunction cream

Creams are truly one of the most recent treatments to obtain a good erection if you are suffering from ED. Not really that numerous men use erectile dysfunction creams however they continue to be worth taking into consideration when selecting the options that meet you the ideal.

Considered one of the advantages of cream is the cost, but the good results rate is not the higher, regardless they are worth a go for anyone who is on a limited budget.

Just how can I use it?

Massage the cream on the penis ( A teaspoon quantity approximately ) Wait around a few minutes for the cream to work.

Erectile dysfunction cream Advantages and Disadvantages :

Advantages :

Extremely fast outcomes
Long-lasting erections
Reduce premature ejaculation

Disadvantages :

The good results rate is not really that good
A number of men may go through side effects

Is erectile dysfunction (ED) a big Issues?

40% men in The USA Suffer from ED Issue

It possesses become one of the greatest health issues for men in the modern western world. In

the USA greater than 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction ( continue reading at shareware ) along with the number is increasing each year.

The major reason is our unhealthy way of life that include lots of relaxing still and also overeating unhealthy meals.

Didn’t discover an option for their problem?

Make a scheduled appointment with a medical professional and also discover the reason why you have this challenge