Max Performer Review 2019: "Benefits & Side Effects" Buyer's Guide

Max Performer Review

Max Performer

Max Performer is a Male Enhancer Supplement which is becoming increasingly widely used on the market because of its performance and effectiveness. Created and marketed by Silver Blade Nutrition, Max Performer was very first launched in the marketplace in 2015.

It’s made from 100% natural and safe compound of ingredients which are mainly proved to improve male health

Product : Max Performer
Company:Silver Blade Nutrition
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Safe, 100% Natural and Proven Ingredients
Guaranteed powerful results
Improved sexual satisfaction
More powerful and intense orgasm
Harder and Thicker Erections
Boosts Sex Drive (libido )&Stamina
Increased all Sexual Performance
Greater Levels of Confidence.
money back guarantee


Available online at their Website only
Takes Time To Work
No Yearly Supply

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What Is Max Performer?
Max Performer - Manufacturer Details
What are the Ingredients in Max Performer?
Where Can You Buy Max Performer
What are the Benefits of Max Performer?
What Are The Potential Side Effects of Max Performer?
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What Is Max Performer?

Max Performer is a top male enhancer supplement that gives an array of natural herbals, vitamins, together with minerals. Nearly all of the ingredients are popular for their capability to assistance erectile quality, proper sexual functioning, even more. The supplement’s main point, however, definitely seems to be for enhancing erection hardness and timeframe.

Each and every container is sold with 60 pills in sealed blister packs; sufficient for thirty days when consuming 2 pills on a daily basis as directed.

1 capsule is around 2, 138 milligrams and a daily assisting comprises of 2 pills for an overall total of 4, 276 milligrams.

A number of the claims made by the company include things like :

Harder & Bigger Erections
Improved Libido & Stamina
Improved Sexual Overall performance
Greater Stages of Self-confidence.

Latest Details & Price Check On Official Website

Manufacturer Details

Formulated and Manufactured by a company referred to as Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, based in London, United Kingdom. As a pretty new business to the male enhancement market, which means their product is made developing upon the most recent and most current study and examination. With Max Performer being the just supplement they presently market it also works for the users as the study is nearly sure to have been highly involved in producing a highly effective and powerful supplement, and also not as likely to cut corners because of time limits and other supplements. The facts base of the company focus on just 7 most important ingredients, therefore the knowledge is likely to be extremely comprehensive.

What are the Ingredients in Max Performer?

With simply 7 main ingredients, Max Performer isn’t a type of supplements that appear to throw in each component with the slightest swear of important results yet instead seems to have very carefully chosen just a couple of. The good thing about this really is that more often than not it really is the mixture of substances in the performance with each other that determines the achieving success of the outcomes as you can see. Not, the people efficiency of each ingredient along with a lack of awareness for how they act together. The substances are given below :

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg),Red Korean Ginseng (1000mg),MACA (1000mg),Zinc,Cordyceps (1000mg),Selenium,Bioperine (15mg)

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg)

Horny Goats Weed Also referred to as Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed is a well-known herb extract for men sexual well-being. It consists of a mixture referred to as Icariin which is effective in the same manner as Viagra.

Red Korean Ginseng (1000mg)

Ginseng is a plant removed. The strongest and most reliable form is Asian Red Ginseng. Asian Red Ginseng assists in keeping your energy, power ranges higher. This also helps to boost blood to flow to the penis and lead to and also keep up an erection

MACA (1000mg)

An effective energy, sex drive and fertility enhancement product from Peru. Maca works best for both women and men which is a great component to have in every sexual supplement product


Zinc assists you to boost testosterone amounts in an all natural method. This also helps to boost sperm count and sperm well-being. It really is an important nutrient for a more healthy reproductive body system.

Cordyceps (1000mg)

This mushroom pull-out derives from up full of the Himalayan Mountains. Cordyceps increases oxygen ranges in your blood as well as enhances circulation of blood to your penis. The outcome is greater in size (bigger) and harder erections that final.


Selenium is an anti-oxidant. Food items such as Brazil Nuts consist of Selenium in higher dosages. Selenium assists in keeping your tissues healthful and relaxed. This gives more blood to flow to your penis so helping you attain harder and bigger erection

Bioperine (15mg)

Bioperine is a take out of black pepper. It really is a very common component in the most up-to-date scientific male enhancement formulas to become available to the market. The reason behind this really is that it can help the body soak up the rest of the ingredients in the formulation. This will help men to attain the best results likely.

Where Can You Buy Max Performer

Max Performer is definitely distributed directly from the official website. Whenever you buy Max Performer you obtain an option out of three completely different deals of the package.

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How Much Does It Cost?

1 Month Supply : $59
3 Months Supply:$138
6 Months Supply:$207

What are the Benefits of Max Performer

This product will help the individual to reach larger, bigger as well as stronger erections.
The health supplement really helps to improve the physical endurance of the user.
All of the ingredients found in the product are simply natural and risk-free.
The product improves sexual satisfaction and takes it to an entire greater new level.
It consists of ingredients that assistance the natural production of testosterone.
It really is free of any gluten.
The supplement permits the user to knowledge mind-blowing ejaculations.

What Are The Potential Side Effects of Max Performer?

Absolutely no scenarios have been disclosed of users going through side-effects after choosing the product may simply because it is made from all natural formulations and ingredients.

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