Male Edge Extender Review 2024: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Updated On: May 06, 2024

The Male Edge Extender is the successor to the powerful and successful penis traction device that was the original male penis extender.

Male Edge is the answer to a longer, thicker penis. This is not a pill . It is a safe, powerful and successful penis traction device. If are you interested in the review then you have come to the right website page.

MaleEdge, Take a look

Used For : Penis extenders for Permanent growth

Category: Traction Device

Benefits: Help to straighten a bent or curved penis,

Where To Buy: See Official website

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Summary || What Are They || Is MaleEdge Traction Device Any Benefits? || Price & Where To Purchase || MaleEdge Alternative || FAQs

What is Male Edge extender?

The Male Edge extender is the successor of the powerful and successful Traction Device. which was the original male penis extender, the majority of penis extenders are created around the exact same concepts like the Jes Extender. The Jes Extender (penis traction device) was produced by DanaMedic in 1996 in Denmark together with has considering that assisted over a million males achieve a bigger penis. The Male Edge was produced in 2008 by the exact same manufacturers as well as has some enhanced benefits in comparison with conventional penis extenders.

Results after use:

thicker penis
longer penis
Corrects penis curvature
More powerful erections

How do Male Edge Really Work?

The Male Edge makes use of traction to extend your penis a bit longer and broader, the traction will contribute to a permanently bigger penis if applied to a consistent schedule.

The tissues in your penis begin to divide and increase in times when they are put under stress, this really is a gradual process and time is vital to a bigger penis with this best and top penis extender.

The smartest thing relating to this system is the fact you don’t need to bother about the unintended adverse reactions, the cell multiplication is an all natural method that takes place throughout your whole body each day. In addition to that, considering that the penis isn’t a muscle, no matter if you quit making use of the product, the outcomes you have reached will be permanent.

Pros & cons Of Male Edge Extender


Listed here are a number of the positive aspects which you can take pleasure in while using this system :

Permanent outcomes – The improved size you achieve by using this device will continue throughout your life.
Curvature correction – Really does your penis curved? Male Edge will certainly best for penis curvature.
Simple to Extend – Increasing this penis enlargement product doesn’t need plenty of effort in any way. Simply rotate the rods clockwise together with removing the rods out-ward to your favored length.
A quantity of Pressure – The Male Edge allows the consumer complete control of the volume of pressure which can be placed. As an illustration, you can actually choose from 3 completely different options, just like 1.200,2.000 and also 2.800 grams. With conventional extenders, there’s just one quantity of pressure that’s generally around 1 .500 grams.
Meets all Sizes – This product device is perfect for any penis sizes– no matter how big or just how smaller a penis is


Plastic material The MaleEdge is created from good plastic; it is extremely difficult plastic but it’s still not as powerful as metal.
You’ll really need to work up your tolerance when you use the extender.
The product just contains strap attachments.

MaleEdge, 3 Options You Can Choose From

Basic (Blue – $149.99/€129.00), Extra (Green – $174.99/€149.00), Pro (Red – $199.99/€169.00)

MaleEdge Traction Device Benefits

Natural Penis Extender
clinically proven results
24*7 support to help
money back guarantee

Where Should You Buy MaleEdge Extender?

You can find MaleEdge from Official Website

MaleEdge features every pro feature on the feature list, according to the list.

Results of clinical research are reported in BJUI.
owing to its efficacy, recommended by the medical community.
utilizes traction, one of the most effective action mechanisms.
Peyronie's disease and Chordee are two conditions that can be helped by this penis enlarger.
Medical-grade, FDA-approved materials are being used exclusively during construction.
It is a class 1 medical device that has received CE certification.
DanaMedic has been on the market for almost 20 years.
Male Edge's previous model had tremendous commercial success.
This is based on over 15 years of user input and academic research.
The maker promises long-lasting results.
waiting for FDA registration clearance.

What kind of results can you expect?

Traction is the finest non-surgical therapy accessible in the present treatment paradigm for increasing penis size, according to scientific evidence. The apparent and sure outcome of utilizing Male Edge is penis-size augmentation.

Several independent investigations on penile extenders and their usefulness in increasing penis size have been conducted. In a clinical experiment conducted by this penis enlarger product team, an average increase in flaccidity of 33.9% was recorded after only 6 months of use.

In this time span, the penis size rose by 1 inch or 14%, and every centimeter of penile growth is a significant accomplishment.

MaleEdge, Are these results permanent?

Based on human anatomy, the simple answer is 'Yes'--100%!

The method by which the penis increases in size is not a transient tissue adjustment, but rather a hardcoded physical change through increasing cell mass. There have been reports of users achieving double the size growth seen in the Male Edge clinical research.

So, technically, there is no upper limit to how much you may improve by utilising this device, and none of the research suggested a size reduction after ceasing the traction device. Furthermore, the change in cell density is more akin to scarring, and they never leave the body; similarly, the additional cell mass does not diminish when the treatment is removed.

MaleEdge Alternative

See SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Review

clinically proven device
FDA cleared device
Certified medical type 1 device
Slow,Gradual & Permanent Penis Enlargement
Money-Back Guarantee
See More

See Phallosan Forte


Clinically proven results
Increases penis size
Reversed Peyronie’s disease and ED
See More

See Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

Get Results Fast
Peyronie's Disease Treatment
New Concept: Double Strap System
Money-Back Guarantee
See More

MaleEdge, Comparison with SizeGenetics

tshe SizeGenetics is truly one of the most expensive and also best options you can actually choose. How does it do a comparison of to the MaleEdge? Listed here are some notable points :

1- Both items have been clinically tested and are made from high-quality materials. On the other hand, SizeGenetics seems to be a lot more durable.
2- I really like the fancy box of SizeGenetics.
3-Regarding comfort, while using these, SizeGenetics, without doubt wins with its 58-way comfort system that provides a lot more options.
4- In terms of price, MaleEdge wins!
5-Both products offer similar outcomes of growth between 1 .5-2 .5 inches.

MaleEdge, money-back guarantee available?

Yes, instead of the standard 90-day money-back guarantee, Male Edge has something unique. Male Edge offers a money-back guarantee if the user does not see results after 1000 hours of training. To take advantage of this benefit, the user must register with 'My Male Edge' and track his progress once a week.

If the product is utilized appropriately and no results are obtained after 1000 hours of training, you are entitled to twice the original price of the product. The user must update the photo of the penis taken with the gadget on a regular basis, as asked by the website.

Male Edge Advantages and Disadvantages


The firm has been on the market for over 20 years.
BJUI released clinically researched and recorded outcomes.
The start of size change might be evident in 2-3 months.
It is used to treat hypospadias.
Many independent investigations back up the traction concept.
Clinicians have given their approval.
When utilized appropriately, a 1.2mm/week change is possible.
It is used to treat Peyronie's disease and Chordee.
This gadget can be used to rectify penis curvature.
The money return guarantee is doubled.
The manufacturer's warranty is one year.


This device must be worn for at least 5-6 hours every day.

MaleEdge Extender: Final Verdict

Male Edge is an excellent product for anyone seeking a non-invasive and effective penis size expansion option. Because this gadget operates on the traction principle, the outcomes are assured, at least to some extent, due to the clinical relevance of the method.

There have been reports of persons achieving greater than 2 inches with this gadget. The only disadvantage is that you'll have to utilize this equipment for 6 12 hours a day for 20 to 30 weeks. The benefits, however, may be felt every week and are clinically shown to be 1.2mm each week. The product price is reasonable, and given the brand's repute, a few additional pence won't hurt.

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